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The Problem

Many students who should go to college can’t afford to go.

Not only are many qualified college-ready students unable to attend college because they lack money for tuition, 70 percent are saddled with an average of $35,000 in college loan debt upon graduation.

Students may be unable to pay for tuition for many reasons. Their families may not have enough income to support a college education. Or they may be unable to afford indirect expenses such as room, board, books and other general living expenses incurred while in school. In addition, when low-income students have to worry about tuition payments, take full time jobs while still in school or sign on for burdensome loans – they delay their graduation and can’t help it but be distracted from the one thing that matters most – getting an education.

Colleges have a problem, too.

Enrollment is down yet schools still have to charge enough tuition to maintain their facilities and pay their faculty. By becoming an EALgreen partner, schools reduce their operating budgets by purchasing low-cost, valuable machinery, tools, electronics and other materials needed to enhance and maintain their facilities. The savings generated by these transactions are applied to scholarships for the students who need it most. EALgreen partners also receive cash scholarships to further help financially disadvantaged students on campus.

So do corporations who have to dispose of excess and unusable goods.

By recycling products from corporations to colleges, EALgreen enables corporations to increase their cost-efficiency by eliminating payments to landfills, maximizing their claim to valuable tax write-offs and boosting their reputations for supporting a green economy.

So does our country.

Student loans constitute the second largest category of consumer debt in America, right behind mortgage payments. But how can we keep up with the rest of the world if we don’t have well-informed, educated citizens who are able to think for themselves, learn new skills and create new solutions to constantly emerging challenges in an ever-changing world?

So does our planet.

Climate change is real and demands that all nations reduce resource consumption, lower carbon impact and reduce landfills. EALgreen is a sustainable supply chain partner that models the positive changes we want to see in the world.

The Solution

Help students get college financial assistance from corporate donors through EALgreen.

Extend the life of products, excess and obsolete inventory corporations no longer can use or sell but that colleges need. The money the colleges save on these transactions is then used to lower college tuition for students who need assistance most, creating a sustainable financing option for education that benefits us all.

That’s how EALgreen helps solve all of the problems described above.

The Result?

Since our founding in 1982, 15,000 students have received $18,000,000 in financial assistance to pay for tuition and other expenses incurred at school.  But there’s more. We also save materials from being wasted in landfills – 200,000 tons so far.

What can you do to help?

If you’re a business that is currently disposing of unwanted materials that can be reused or recycled, contact EALgreen now. By donating these goods to our organization instead of sending them to a landfill or to a liquidator, you’ll not only be eligible for tax credits, but have the satisfaction of helping financially disadvantaged students, colleges, our country and the earth itself.


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