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Networking. The Most Overlooked Benefit of College.

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For most college graduates the first order of business after admiring their diploma is to get a job. Moreover, as the article above indicates, having a degree gives them a significant advantage for winning one. But what many young people don’t realize is that in addition to a formal education, attending college offers them another career enhancing benefit: the opportunity to build a strong professional network. Here’s a statistic that proves the point. According to a recent Monster College survey, 78 percent of job-seeker respondents who were recent college graduates, said networking was a factor in their job searches. And no wonder, since most experts agree that up to 85% of all new jobs are found through networking. Unfortunately, sometimes students wait until after graduation to start developing their network. This can be challenging, especially for introverts who may not connect with their peers outside of class. Here are six…

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Our Mission: To Give Young People the Tools for the New World of Work.

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The ultimate mission of every non-profit is to change the world for the better. Certainly, that goal inspired Swede Roskam and Dan Mickelson to launch EALgreen 35 years ago. Their plan was to enable corporations to donate excess inventory to colleges so that those institutions could turn the money saved on supplies into scholarships for financially disadvantaged students. Over the last 35 years, EAL has succeeded in this intention to an extraordinary degree, raising over $18 million to pay for over 15,000 scholarships. EALgreen’s mission is becoming more important with each passing year. In the first half of the twentieth century, a college education was regarded as an advantage whether a student was pursuing a professional career or a leadership role in the industry. Still, the majority of Americans began their careers with a high school diploma or less. However, starting in the 1970’s, innovations in technology were making occupations…

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