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An EALgreen Scholarship Story for the Holidays

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In her book In the Garden of Delight published in 1916, American author Lily Hardy Hammond wrote “You don’t pay love back; you pay it forward.” Her words memorialized the concept we often associate with random acts of kindness, the type of action that can cause a positive ripple effect to restore faith in the world and in humankind. As some of you know, EALgreen was founded on this very principle by Swede Roskam as a way of paying forward the help he had received when he was a young man struggling to go to college.  Given the wherewithal to pay for his education by an Iowa couple he had never met, Swede went on to become a highly successful sales executive, husband, and father. Years later, he and his good friend Dan Mickelson, who also benefitted from a scholarship he received to study Chemical Engineering at Northwestern University, developed…

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