Excess Inventory Strengthens Your Brand

Recycle through EALgreen

Donations of excess and obsolete inventory transform “one source’s trash into a recipient’s treasure.” EALgreen demonstrates the power of thinking of new ways to tackle enduring challenges. This innovative nonprofit redistributes excess inventory from corporate donors to colleges and universities that search for cost effective strategies to acquire equipment and supplies. Colleges and universities then generate scholarships for students with financial need with the money they save on the purchase of these items. The segment of these products that prove unsuitable for use by college and university campuses are converted into cash to create another source of funding for student scholarships.

Donating your excess inventory to EALgreen allows you to:
  • Simplify the disposal of unwanted material
  • Qualify for eligible tax reductions
  • Boost your company’s reputation
  • Contribute to a better educated and more diverse workforce

Let Us Help You Increase the Return on Your Excess Inventory

Thank you for my generous scholarship.

My goal is to earn an MBA in the field of Human Resources and I just competed successfully in a SHRM (Society of Human Resource Management) competition.  (I’m second from the right in the photo).

Jessica R. | Houghton College ’18 | Human Resource Management

EALgreen has helped 16,600 students

Over the last 35 years, we’ve raised $18 million in scholarships for students like Jennifer. By recycling your excess inventory, you can join us in helping students, schools, the economy and our environment.