Empowering Access to Higher Education Through Supporting a Circular Economy

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At EALgreen, our mission is to act as a catalyst of transformation.

We work with corporations to transform their excess inventory into opportunities for institutions of higher learning to obtain much-needed equipment. These colleges and universities then create scholarships for students with financial need to make it possible for them to pursue their own, personal transformation.

The Result: companies reduce waste, schools thrive, students prosper, society is strengthened and the environment is preserved.

This is the transformation that inspires us.
Together with our partners, EALgreen makes it possible.

The Numbers
36 Years in Operation



Over 15,000 Financially Disadvantaged Students Given Scholarships

$18,000,000 SCHOLARSHIPS

Over 18 MILLION Dollars in Scholarships Given

200,000 TONS

Over 200,000 Tons of Waste Kept Out of Landfills

Who We Are

EALgreen + Corporate Donors + Colleges & Universities = Transformation & Triple Impact