Donor Partners

Why Donate?

Every company has excess inventory or returns. Our goal is to connect companies excess with Colleges and Universities, who then turn the savings into scholarships for college students with financial need. It’s a triple win. Companies do good and help their bottom line. Colleges and Universities get the goods and services they need. Students in need get the opportunity to transform their lives through education.


  • Companies must get rid of unwanted inventory, from overstocks, end-of-life and closeouts, to make room for new inventory.
  • For companies that have many SKUs and a complex inventory management system, this is a particularly large problem.
  • The option is to donate it to a meaningful cause, liquidate it for pennies on the dollar or scrap it in a landfill.
  • When you donate product to a meaningful cause, you not only can get an enhanced tax benefit off the value of the product, it also provides a social benefit that boosts the reputation of your company and motivated your employees.


  • EALgreen provides a simple, tangible and tax-advantaged way to turn excess and obsolete inventory into real value for students in need of financial support.
  • EALgreen’s direct “inventory into scholarship” model provides tangible and immediate impact that employees, schools, students and stakeholders can easily understand, and even witness in action.
  • EALgreen helps align your business with an educational cause, which can help create shared value with your company’s talent recruitment initiatives and enhance your company’s reputation among your customer base and community.


  • Is there an opportunity for you to donate your excess inventory?

Our Donor Partners


“When a product meets the end of its lifecycle, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t an extended need for it. Working with an organization like EALgreen, that product lifecycle extends and ultimately goes to help other people in a meaningful manner. It’s a warm and fuzzy feeling when we can say that our donation is helping to fund schools.”

– EALgreen Donor