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Why Choose EAL?


Surplus inventory is inevitable and top-performing companies turn this potential problem into an opportunity. You, too, can BOOST your business performance by partnering with EALgreen.


Brand Protection  

√ One Stop solution for surplus inventory

√ Operational Efficiency

√ Sustainability

√ Tax Advantage

benefit from pre-defined marketing practices, controlled supply chain channels & proprietary eCommerce strategies designed to protect their integrity.

One Stop surplus inventory solution means donors can efficiently channel a wide range of end-of-life inventory to EAL; no cherry picking. 

Operational Efficiencies gained from this integrated solution to improve performance for corporate donors through accelerated inventory turnover, increased warehouse capacity and reduced material handling costs. 

Sustainability becomes meaningful as EAL creates new useful life cycles for donated surplus materials avoiding waste and helping students. 

Tax Advantage benefits result from EAL’s IRS 501(c)3 status that maximizes value recovery for manufacturers, distributors and other donors.

EALgreen’s supply chain team has the expertise to integrate inventory donation as a viable solution to surplus management challenges. Via a proprietary, an online catalog of items located at fulfillment centers in Rockford, IL and Carlsbad, CA, colleges and universities select equipment and supplies for campus operations; the savings realized from using donated products becomes scholarships for students with financial need. Environmental benefits are also realized by preventing these end-of-life items from entering the waste stream. 



  • Companies must handle unwanted inventory, from overstocks, end-of-life and closeouts, to make room for new products.
  • Distributors with complex inventory management systems maintaining many SKUs find this activity particularly challenging.
  • Green solutions must accommodate logistics, volume, location and business cycles.


  • EALgreen provides a simple, tangible and tax-advantaged way to turn excess and obsolete inventory into real value for students in need of financial support.
  • EALgreen’s direct “inventory into scholarship” model provides the tangible and immediate impact that employees, students, and stakeholders can easily understand, and even witness in action.
  • EALgreen aligns business and industry with higher education creating shared value and providing an impactful way to fulfill corporate social responsibility goals.
  • For society, EALgreen empowers individuals to achieve their potential through education; For the environment, EALgreen reduces waste and extend the useful life of manufactured products; For the economy, EALgreen improves business efficiencies adding value to the bottom line.


  • Estimate volume of surplus inventory 
    • EALgreen ONLY accepts minimum volumes
    • At least five pallets or a half a trailer
  • Describe the type of surplus inventory to be donated
    • Equipment
    • Tools
    • Supplies
    • Other
  • Select EAL Fulfillment Center to receive surplus inventory
    • Rockford, IL
    • Carlsbad, CA
  • Email or call 630-690-0010

Our Donor Partners



“When a product meets the end of its lifecycle, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t an extended need for it. Working with an organization like EALgreen, that product lifecycle extends and ultimately goes to help other people in a meaningful manner. It’s a warm and fuzzy feeling when we can say that our donation is helping to fund colleges and universities.”

– EALgreen Donor